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My Story


After some successful corporate years as a HR professional and a career break being an expat, I recognized my urge to do work that has a major impact – that helps people connect to the best version of themselves so they could bring the best version of themselves to their careers, their relationships and to the world around them.

Throughout my life; both personal and professional, I have always found myself in positions were people turn to me for support and advice. I have always found it very natural to communicate and create that safe space needed for anyone to open up. My interest for people and different behavior led me into studying psychology as a main subject within my Bachelor of Business Administration and Labor law and later work within HR in various positions in my professional life. Through my HR profession in international companies over the years I have gained lots of valuable knowledge and a good sense of understanding of organizational structures, politics and functions within different fields. However, my true passion has always been in the area of personal development and diversity.

After a longer career break as an expat wife and a mother of 3 kids I found myself stuck in my career. When I looked back at my professional career I felt proud of my accomplishments but yet hesitant to go back.

I reached out to a Career & Life coach to get clarity. That was the beginning of my new journey to a more fulfilled life! The coach opened up my curiosity about my own brand, my core values, strengths but also to my limiting beliefs that held me back from taking massive action to change my career. I had to learn how to play BIG to reach my goals and I have never looked back.

Today I am living my dream!
I do not only love what I do –
I thrive from it!

There is simply nothing more rewarding than to witness your clients on their journey to embrace their true potential!

Soda coaching is my greatest example of playing BIG and turning my vision into reality. The company name Soda does not only reflect the initials of my name – it also symbolizes our internal bubbles. My vision for my business is to be able to free up as many bubbles possible for my clients to experience an extraordinary life.

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I’m so honored that you want to get in touch! I can’t wait to explore what Soda coaching can do for you!

I offer an 20 minutes introductory session at no cost so that we can test the water. I am happy to talk about how to structure coaching that works for you and or your organization.

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